Working from Home and Your Health

Working from Home and Your Health

While many states have lessened restrictions on stay-at-home orders and offices are reopening around the country, several companies have decided to allow workers to stay home indefinitely. Jack Dorsey, CEO of Twitter, for example, has opted for a flexible return to work policy telling his employees that they may continue working from home as long as they want. 

Working from home has been found to have many benefits like commute time, but there is a downside, too. A 2019 survey by Digital Ocean found that 52% of remote workers felt like they worked longer hours than those in the office. A lot of this was attributed to the need for those working remotely to “prove” that they’re as productive as those in the office. 82% of remote workers felt burnt out, according to the same survey. 

As you navigate your own path between heading back to the office and staying home, this is definitely something to consider.

Additionally, while working from, the lack of socialization can have a negative impact on mental health. Missing the culture of your office and the comradery among colleagues can leave people feeling isolated. Also of note, collaboration on projects is more challenging in a remote work environment. 

As WFH continues to be a part of the new normal, consider the following suggestions for self-care:

1. Have a morning routine.

Don’t just jump out of bed and begin working. Eat breakfast, enjoy your coffee—whatever it might be—keep your morning time at home separate from work. 

2. Create a designated workspace.

By doing this, you’re getting your brain into work mode and you’ll be less likely to become distracted by being home.

3. Take breaks when you need to, including lunch.

Allow yourself time to move around throughout the day, stretch, and always take a lunch break. 

4. Have a clock out time.

When possible, have a set time to be done for the day. Close your laptop or shut down your home office space. This will help in not blending work life and home life and will also act as a deterrent from overworking. 

Take care of yourself while you’re working from home. Don’t allow yourself to fall victim to bad habits just because you’re not in a traditional office setting. Practicing good self-care is beneficial to your overall health and wellbeing as you navigate through the new normal. 


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