Red Light Therapy

Red light therapy is proven to reduce pain, inflammation and edema, and drastically aids in recovery.

How It Works

Red light therapy works at the cellular level, stimulating repair and normalizing cell function. The therapeutic use of Red light and infrared light has been studied for almost forty years. Over 600 Randomized Controlled Trials (RCTs) have been published using PBM devices, and the technology has been featured in over 4,000 laboratory studies. PBM is used in thousands of clinics, hospitals and elite sports institutions in over 70 nations.

Benefits of Red Light Therapy:

  1. Reduces inflammation
  2. Increase fat loss
  3. Increases skin integrity
  4. Strengthens healing process
  5. Reduces cellulite
  6. Decreases pain
  7. Increases energy levels
  8. Improves immunity
  9. Improves sleep
  10. Detoxifies the body

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