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Most women have cellulite, which, for the most part, cannot be eliminated through diet and exercise. Enter the Cryoskin, which reduces fatty deposits by using thermal shock to constrict the blood vessels in a localized area.
This method is non-invasive and induces the break-down of fat cells to reduce body fat without damaging other tissues. The Cryoskin works by alternating warm and cold treatments directly applied to the skin.
Fat cells (in comparison to other tissue types) are more vulnerable to this effect, which causes what’s known as fat cell apoptosis, a natural controlled cell death. This leads to the release of cytokines and other inflammatory mediators that gradually eliminate the affected fat cells. These inflammatory cells digest the affected fat cells and lipids from these fat cells are released by the lymphatic system. The result: a significant reduction of the thickness of the fat layer.

The Cryoskin Difference

Other methods of non-surgical fat removal primarily involve necrotic cell death, which solely involves damaging fat with heat, high-intensity ultrasound or chemical injections.
The problem?
Unlike the thermal shock effect delivered by the Cryoskin, the surrounding tissue isn’t preserved so the pure reduction of fat cells is not achieved. With Cryoskin the reduction of fat with preservation of surrounding non-fat tissue offers a more dramatic firming effect.

Cryo Toning & “Cryo Lift” Facials

The dreaded skin sag from aging can be reversed with the Cryoskin. The shock of alternating between cold and hot therapies triggers deep layers of collagen back into production. The plumpness and firmness is NOT achievable with other non-invasive techniques.
For facials, the Cryoskin comes stock with a coupling device for precise treatments to smooth out wrinkles and blemishes to create a tighter skin appearance immediately after treatment. The results are even more profound after 4-8 sessions, with clients reporting more youthful looking skin, as well as a reduction of puffiness around the eyes and smaller pore size appearance.

Benefits of Compression Therapy:

  1. Reduces inflammation
  2. Helps remove toxins
  3. Improves blood circulation
  4. Helps avoid cellulite
  5. Strengthens loose skin
  6. Helps eliminate fatigue
  7. Boosts performance and recovery

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