• Let's get started!


  • Let's get started!

Personalized Diet Plans

Your coach, a registered dietitian, will provide a nutrition assessment and create a plan that is customized to your individual health and lifestyle needs, with your physician. You’ll also receive education on disease prevention and counseling for chronic conditions through a series of visits.

At Totality Health, we provide services for:

  • Counseling to prepare for pre-kidney transplant surgery
  • Diet plans for bariatric surgery, before and after
  • Celiac Disease
  • Diabetes Management
  • Rapid weight loss management through the New Directions program
  • Outpatient nutrition counseling for oncology patients

One-On-One Counseling

Beginning with a prescription from your physician who has diagnosed your health condition and ordered a dietary change, you will receive private counseling sessions. During these sessions you will—have a review of all lab work, medical history and medications, receive an analysis of your current diet from your food log, receive information on counting calories or carbohydrates, get tips for elimination or inclusion of certain foods in your daily meal plans and obtain tools for managing your diet. You will also have the opportunity to discuss your personal goals for your health and weight loss. It’s up to you whether you’d like to have one session with your coach, or multiple.

Continuing Nutritional Education

Even if you haven’t been prescribed nutritional counseling to manage your health, you can still learn more about eating for a healthier lifestyle. At Totality Health, we offer a number of free community education seminars and demonstrations at our hospitals or health centers.

Other Services

Hormone Replacement

Most people may not realize the minor imbalances they have which—over time—will add up.

Joint Injections

Joint Injections go directly to the source of your pain and stop it.

FDA Cleared Food Replacement

Fully Balanced, Portion Controlled Meal Replacement System.

Lipo Laser

Lipo Laser is a non-surgical, cold laser procedure.

Weight Loss

Our program ensures that you learn to eat a well balanced, healthy diet.