About Us

Our Philosophy

The philosophy behind Totality Health is simple—we believe that treatment and courses of action taken for all medical conditions should be proactive rather than reactive. Our approach to General Medicine is what makes our practice truly unique. At Totality Health, we pride ourselves on the relationship that develops between our patients and their primary clinician, as well as a health care team that works to meet each individual’s needs. Additionally, we provide education and real life tools to help you manage your health with the most efficient and effective care.

Internal Medicine

At Totality Health we specialize in Internal Medicine and create individual care plans based on evidence of success. Internists are, by trade, medical specialists with extended training and education in the diagnosis and (nonsurgical) treatment of diseases. An Internists training is extended beyond that of a medical degree, making them that much more qualified.

Our care is successful when we have relationships based on trust, honesty and communication between our physicians and patients, as well as with the rest of our team.

Steven Burack


Dr. Burack graduated from New York college of osteopathic medicine. Graduated Residency in Physical medicine and rehabilitation from University of Pittsburgh Medical center. Dr. Burack has been in practice for 13 years. He is involved in interventional pain management and regenerative Medicine.

Dmitry Rutenberg


Dr. Dmitry Rutenberg, is a rising star in the South Florida physical therapy field. Originally from Staten Island NY, Dr. Rutenberg received his B.S. from SUNY Albany in Human Biology which was quickly followed by a Doctorate of Physical Therapy from Sage Graduate School in Troy, NY.

With a McKenzie Part A certification (back treatments) Dr. Rutenberg specializes in several areas including sports injuries, motor vehicle accidents, orthopedic injuries, various neurological and musculoskeletal diseases, and postural dysfunctions.

Our Services

IV Nutrition Therapy

Cryofacials/ Cryotoning

Whole Body Cryotherapy

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

Red Light Therapy

Compression Therapy

Ion Cleanse Detox

Brain Tap

Physical Therapy

Pain Management

Weight Loss Treatments

Hormone Replacement Therapy