We believe that treatment and courses of action taken for all medical conditions should be proactive rather than reactive. Our approach to General Medicine is what makes our practice truly unique.

Tips and Tools

We provide education and real life tools to help you manage your health effectively.


The foundation of our practice is a health care partnership and we require patient participation in conjunction with that of our entire staff.


We pride ourselves on the relationship that develops between our patients and our health care team that works to meet each individual’s needs.

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Our Vision

To help you achieve enhanced wellness, peak performance, and optimal health.

Our Mission

We are dedicated to health, wellness, and performance by incorporating a variety of disciplines and innovative technologies. Our model is based on relief, recovery, and revitalization for the mind, body, and life.

What’s Important

We emphasize the importance of early detection, close monitoring and strong preventative care. Our internists have extensive knowledge and training in the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of adult medical disorders. This includes, but is not limited to:



Hormonal Imbalances

Weight Issues


We Provide Service For:

Women's Health

Men's Health

Hormone Replacement

Pain Management

Physical Therapy

At Totality Health, we evaluate and treat every aspect of your health using many different health technologies and methods. We strive to get to develop a comprehensive approach to help guide you to the healthiest version of yourself that you can be.

We believe that the approach taken towards health should be proactive and well rounded. Our approach to your health is what makes our practice truly unique.


Steps you should take a day


Beats per minute


Days to break a bad habit


Minutes to work out per day